Day three at KK started with a BANGING in my head as I had to rise earlier than usual😣, since we had an adventurous day prepared. Woke up, washed, and dressed up in a hmm what type of outfit, I should probably say sporty😁. Raced down to the lobby after breakfast, since we were kinda late and met our tour guide, who SURPRISINGLY was a Chinese lady. We boarded the van and our journey began! WOHOOOO! 🎆! We had booked this package online pre arrival to KK

Our first stop was mount Kinabalu, and the journey there was sooo lonnngg, I ended up dozing in between. But the journey was soo worth it, when I spotted the mountain in its magnificent form, it didn’t look so mountainy, like it wasn’t exactly domed shaped, but rather was a bit jagged from the top, apparently due to erosion. It is approximately 4000m in height! WOW now that is huge! 🤩! Interesting thing is the mountain is mainly made of granite, unlike the other sedimentary rock mountains around it! We did not literally climb the mountain that would take FOREVER (apparently it takes about a week, anyways me ain’t attempting that anytime soon😂) rather we viewed it from the viewpoint. It was a wonderful opportunity to view the biggest mountain in Malaysia, and I was certainly honored and thankful to God.

I had filmed a mini video, but unfortunately I can’t seem to upload it as I require WordPress Premium😭! So I found another video online!

There were some tiny shops close to the viewpoint, and we did some souvenir shopping there, a few key tags and fridge magnets. Those shops had the cutest things, like tiny purses to insert your coins and turtles made of seashells (this one was ADORABLE😍). Next thing you know it, we were whisked into the van and our journey began to a pond area filled with fish.

These fish to be honest, were huge, and me being the me I am was completely spooked by them, I thought they could GOBBLE me up😅! They were Koi fish. So, the activity we basically had to do over there was to clench our fists filled with food and leave a tiny gap between our fingers through which the fish will suck the food. I only did is once since I was SPOOKED, but I have to say, it was kinda ticklish! 😂

There are so many of these fish and they are sooo HUGE!

Next, we went to the Kinabalu Park, which was filled with hot springs, and a CANOPY WALK! The canopy walk was plenty of fun with the plank shaking each time we got on it. And the scenery was spot on! I LOVED IT!

Walk the plank!!😂

Next up was lunch, and dear me, I was STARVING! 😣 We had classic dishes with sweet corn soup and all I remember was the sweet corn soup till this very day, as it was sooo GOOD! After lunch I was stress free (not like I was stressed before, my tummy was though!😂), and our final stop for the day was a cattle farm (ahh, I was going to see my friends!😂 They’ll kill me if they read this!), at the cattle farm we got to feed some cattle with milk and grass they were almost fighting for it, and overall it was a SWEET experience.

Before you know it, our next stop was the hotel, and my my I was EXHAUSTED! But overall, it was such a lovely day and I am soo grateful to God for choosing me and my family to experience such blessings!

The sunset!!

We ended our day, with a visit to the night market, where they had displayed soo many fish and seafood items fresh off the boats. Over there we got to choose our own meat of liking and they would cook it for us then and there! IT was YUMMY! We got dishes or fried fish topped with fried squid and rice, of course. In this way our 3rd day at KK drew to an end!💖

They literally have everything!

OOOF! That was a LONG day, but I am certainly grateful to my Lord for giving me and my family such opportunities!😍



    1. It was kinda scary, so we made sure that only two people get on the plank walk and not too much, cause we didn’t want the plank to shake too much of get overloaded, and I think that worked fine! 🎆! Nevertheless, I do agree it was a teeny bit scary!


  1. Your blog is awesome. This post makes all the locales come alive. I almost felt that I must visit. Excellent.
    Thanks also for starting the Brainstorms Award for which Rishika has nominated me.


    1. Thank you! Thank you! ♥️
      Hope you do visit Kota Kinabalu is such a wonderful place.Starting the BrainStorms Award was the best thing I had done I think.🎆 Glad you got nominated, Congratulations!!♥️🌠


  2. Hi, Nabeeha!
    This post of yours really caught my eyes! Are you, perhaps, a Malaysian?

    Anyway, I love your blog, a new follower of yours, and I really hope we can be good friends💖!!

    Stay safe,
    Ave from The Girls Glow Up Blog.

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  3. Heyy! So I finally found your mail but for some reason, it was in my Spam folder. I don’t know how but I replied to you immediately I saw it. Just wanted to know if you got my mail as well!✨

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh, it must be exam season for everyone 😢 I just concluded mine. Goodluck in all your exams!! And make sure to take care of yourself very well cause these times can be really stressful 💖 Okay!

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