Hey everyone! How’s life been going? Many of you seem to be super busy, I kept in touch with some bloggers through the comment section and email, been amazing getting to know all of you a bit more!

If you checked out my latest posts, you must have noticed that my present self disappeared off the blog for a bit, and my readers mostly saw Stories That Changed Us posts and a bunch of travel content from 2019. Today it’s going to be a very chill themed blog post, so grab your iced coffee or whatever you have and let’s get chatting.

If I were eating mangoes with you, I’ll tell you that I just finished my exams a day ago. And honestly, I feel soo refreshed. Exams are super stressful, and I just had my mocks. I am supposed to have my board exams in October, but I am not too sure on whether it’ll go ahead as planned due to the current situation, hence, mocks were super important because in case my board exams get cancelled then my predicted grades would be from these mock papers. Sitting for the mocks knowing that there is a fair chance that these results might predict my final grade was a LOT of stress, it was plenty of hard work, sleepless nights and just exhausting. Glad it’s over, but I am still waiting for Cambridge to issue its final verdict on whether the October/November series would take place. And if they do take place well exams again!

If I were eating mangoes with you, I’ll tell you that Sri Lanka has been in and out of lockdown. We are currently under lockdown and the government has plans of opening the country up on Monday. During this wave of Covid-19, for the first time since Covid-19 started, I had relatives exposed to Covid-19. For the first time. It’s a bit scary to be honest, with everything I’ve been hearing things are getting heated up. Just after I wrote this up last night, today I got to know that the lockdown has been extended till October 1st. So Sri Lanka is not opening up on Monday.

If I were eating mangoes with you, I’ll tell you that I helped my mother make milk toffee yesterday. It turned out great, but it did take a while to get the consistency right. Tomorrow I plan on baking up Tres Leches, I have made this dessert at least five times in the past year and a half, I and my family have been obsessed.

If I were eating mangoes with you, I’ll tell you that I have plenty of work to do to get the blog back on track, a few Stories That Changed Us posts and more posts coming in from my end. I have some great post ideas, can’t wait to publish them.

If I were eating mangoes with you, I’ll tell you that mangoes are my favorite type of fruit, I could eat them all day. From all of my chat with me blog posts, this has been the first blog post where I used healthy food. I should probably do more posts with healthier types of food.

That’s a wrap. It was most certainly a mini session, nothing dramatic. Stay safe and have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Aww I’d love to eat mangoes with you! 🥭
    I wish your relatives a speedy recovery. I know how stressful it can be to have loved ones affected.
    Oh, all the very best for your exams! I hope you gave your absolute best in the mocks because that happened to us, our boards got canceled and our pre-board marks and other exams conducted throughout the year were used to evaluate us for the TWELFTH grade! If you’re younger, you can expect that even more. They took a long time to make this hard decision and this cancelation is historic. To many people, it ended up disastrous and to some, it ended up well. I wish you all the very very best!

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    1. It is stressful to have relatives affected! Covid is literally all over!

      Oh you guys had that too? Well my OL grades were predicted and these are my 12th grade examinations that are supposed to happen. But like after they extended the lockdown I highly doubt it will happen. Thankfully I did my mocks well, waiting for the results!

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  2. I love mangoes too. I hope that your relatives will recover soon and that no one gets exposed to the virus further. All the best for your exams. I hope that all your efforts in the mock exams paid off. Looks like a lot of exciting content is headed our way from your blog. Take care, Nabeeha. I hope that the cases will come down and that the lockdown will be lifted soon

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  3. Who doesn’t love mangoes? Well it was a great session, though I didn’t had mangoes on my plate (Sad me). I hope the Covid situation in your country ends soon and you resume your daily activities. Here in India, the situation is well in control for now and all activities are resumed, hope it will continue. Take care!

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    1. I am hoping for the same, but this virus seems to be spiralling out of control.
      That’s great to hear, India went through a horrible time with the virus, happy the situation is better now! 😭

      You too, have a great weekend!

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  4. Aaah mock exams seem so stressful!!!! I’m sure you did well.

    Lockdown extended? Argh. Though it is for the best. It is super scary especially when loved ones suffer but hopefully the worst will be behind you soon. Praying for SL.

    That milk toffee looks amazing. I’m definitely meeting you for a home cooked meal whenever I visit SL (after all this is behind us).

    I love mangoes too. I ate so many this time around – only thing that kept me sane in all this mess.

    Take care, girl. ❤️

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    1. I think I did well, hopefully. We will see once the results start raining in. We had like 3 papers per day and I was exhausted!

      Thank you soo much. Hoping that the situation in India is under control!♥️

      Haha let me know! Will be super happy to have you over!

      Stay safe! Have a great weekend!💕


  5. The title is so unique! I’d love to eat mangoes too. I think it’s been a long time since I last ate a mango. I am very choosy with it but if it’s good, i can eat a bunch. 😂 Hope everything is fine now on your end after I read your recent post nowhere to go which is just sad. 😔

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  6. Hey! I loved that milk toffee you and your mother made! And are you still getting mangors in Sri Lanka? The mango season looks over in India with the advent of monsoon 😦
    Covid is indeed all over! India has opened up quite a lot though.
    I’m a little curious about one thing though – would love it if you can say something about it here, or maybe write a separate blog altogether (best!):
    What is the economic situation in Sri Lanka right now? As a resident of the country, you will know it best, hence thought of asking you.
    Also yes, I hope your mock results are superb! Good luck 🙂

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    1. We aren’t exactly getting anything because we are under lockdown. There is a mini food shortage issue, plus we don’t go out, but yeah I think the season is over here as well. We normally get mangoes sent from our relatives, who have mango trees at home. 💕

      The economic situation, hmm I don’t feel too confident speaking about it since I clearly don’t have too much of experience. I need to do more research before I can comment on it on a public platform!

      Thank you!♥️

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  7. You had to remind me of mangoes.
    I love mangoes so much, especially since we get to eat them only in summers. You still get ’em in Sri Lanka? Hope your mocks went realllllllyyyy good!
    Sending a lot of loveeeeeeee!

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  8. Hi! I love mangoes too! In fact, this is the fruit I missed the most when I stayed in Paris for a few years. But now that I’m back home (Philippines), I could buy mangoes easily. In fact, I had my home-made milky mango drink earlier today (ripe mangoes + cold fresh milk + a bit of sugar). Yumm!

    Come! Let’s eat mangoes together and talk about life. 🙂

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