Photos I took during my study sessions in the dark.

“Life changes” and at this point, it should be something I have memorized. The past few months have led to tsunami waves in a once calm ocean. Suddenly I find myself out of school, my country in turmoil, and I am moving out of Sri Lanka.

While I haven’t had graduation yet or gotten my leaving certificate, in unofficial ways I have said goodbye to school. I have officially in my mind left school. 13 years of a very repetitive lifestyle just suddenly ended and that takes a while to digest. A whole cycle that isn’t so much a cycle anymore.

Sri Lanka on the other hand is struggling: no fuel, power cuts, food shortages, and inflation. Once a paradise island, now not so much of a paradise. We have power cuts daily. In the beginning, the power cuts were almost a curse, I could barely stand without sweating buckets. But now my body has adapted and so has my mind. Now I don’t sweat that bad and as Sri Lankans, we have mastered the art of organizing our daily chores around not our three meals but instead power cut timings. Travelling has become a hassle. Most vehicles aren’t at home, no they aren’t on roads, they stand still in queues waiting to fill up on fuel. People have died in these queues. They stretch on for kilometers. Food is expensive and some of it is not even available at supermarkets. While the leadership did change recently, corruption still exists. Sri Lanka right now is a prime example of where terrible leaders will take you. Leaders with no accountability for their actions whatsoever and leaders who don’t know to lead. Sri Lanka is also a good example of the saying “The truth will prevail”.

Sneek-peek into my checklist.

I was traveling through marine drive last week and my body felt a range of emotions during the 10 minutes of travel. My country is capable of so much more, my people are talented souls, and the beauty that lies within the blessed lands of Sri Lanka is unmatchable. But yet, we are suffering and we don’t see the end, we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. This tunnel has been under construction for a long period, this tunnel was built by certain people who knew exactly what they wanted. All you can do now is pray for us. Within leadership lies power so appoint the right people.

Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a doctor. So much so that any other occupation was not even considered. Having “unofficially” finished high school, I am currently looking at universities. I have applied for three and I await responses. CIE should be publishing my AL results on the 11th of August. All I can ask of you is to pray for the best for me.

Soon I will be leaving Sri Lanka and moving to Australia. The change is exciting and at the same time a little nerve-wracking. Leaving familiarity behind isn’t exactly easy. But I am excited to see what the future has to offer.

With everything going on right now, my feelings and moods are constantly fluctuating. At times it’s a little hard to breathe and at times the air just has too much magic in it. Right now all I want to focus on is myself- be a little selfish for a bit. Drained and also exhausted but blogging makes me feel great. I have created a checklist of things I want to do for BrainStorms. Nurturing this place adds sparkle to my soul. Till next time- bye!


12 thoughts on ““LIFE CHANGES”

  1. So sorry to hear about what’s happening in Sri Lanka. I saw it on the news too and you’re so right when you say the right leaders can change everything.
    I’m sure you’ll fare great in your exams and hope you have your best years yet in Australia. Looking forward to your blog revamp!

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      1. Of course! Ooh, good luck!
        Haha, it sure has! It isn’t too drastic though but maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to WordPress’s whims😂
        I think it just takes time to get used to!

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  2. I was waiting for this account, Nabeeha. Stay strong. The world knows what the Lankans are growing through. And may your dreams be fulfilled.
    About moving to a different nation and building a life from scratch? I can tell you something about it – I moved out of home for studies too, and have been outside since then (I’m working now). The initial days will be intimidating, and you would want to go back home, to your loved ones, somehow. But stop right there, remember why you’re here at the first place and hold on. And soon, you will get used to it and voila! You will eventually love the independence of staying alone. You will be amazed at your own transformation – you will discover yourself afresh, in a whole new light. So stay positive, things will go well 🙂
    Also, hope your exam results are in your favour, good luck!

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    1. Thank you soo much!
      I am actually moving with my family so I suppose I already have a support system, which is going to make the transition easier. I am soo proud of you and how independent you’ve grown to be. Results Day actually went well, I’ll try to write a post about it soon.

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