Hey everyone! Welcome back to part two of my travel journey. As I write this believe it or not I am actually in the process of making pancakes- talk about multi-tasking!

While right now I am in Australia, on the 11th of July I was in Brunei. The 11th of July to be exact was “the day before my birthday”. I was hyped up about becoming an adult while my parents were probably not that bothered. We did pick up an ice cream cake though. The rest of the day we spent at the Brunei mall. 

At exactly 12: 00 am on the 12th of July, my brain suddenly matured. Within the transitioning minute of 11: 49 pm to 12: 00 am I grew up. Things that were illegal just a minute ago suddenly became legal. Now I had to get myself a bank account and go through immigration by myself. Turning 18, is it more of a curse than a blessing? The sudden grown-up transformation you are expected to show takes getting used to. Trial and error. The 12th of July I would say was the busiest day for us Jameel’s. We spent the entire morning shopping for relatives, came home for lunch, ran away in the evening to shop yet again, went to the gym at around 6 pm, went home to cut my cake, and then ended the day with fish head curry. The day in itself was an example of what life after 18 is. CRAZY. CHAOTIC. 

On the 13th of July, we did a little bit of packing and more shopping. The 14th was a repeat of the same cycle.

The 15th of July on the other hand was a memorable one. While I might not remember the date too clearly, I remember the day. Brunei is a very small island and getting around the country isn’t much of a hassle. The road systems are decent and traffic very minimal. On the 15th, we went on a little tour of Brunei, visiting all the places that we held close to our hearts. Included in the visit list were our schools, our previous home, some of our favorite restaurants, and places we used to frequent. 

I wanted to cover Temburong in part two of Brunei as well, but now thinking of it, I will save it for part three. Bye guys! Have an amazing weekend!


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