Howdy there! Nabeeha Jameel here, originating from a small island off the coast of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, I have always dreamt of becoming an ESTABLISHED blogger. I know it is not going to be easy, which journey was ever easy? But I am determined to succeed or if I do fail, it has to be at least after trying! 🙂

A little bit about myself would include, that under personalities, I was subjected to be an advocate (the rarerest (is that even a word?) personality in the world). Interesting huh? I love pink, glitter, sparkle (glitter and sparkle, same thing anyways) and anything associated with cuteness. I love reading, studying, styling and I am a very passionate thinker. I love to see the world through a different lens, normal is too boring for me!

I want this blog to be original, lively and sculpture who I truly am. I hope and pray that I too grow with the pace of the blog, and manage to inspire a lot around the world, small like me or even big. I would be ecstatic if you could join me in this journey and together, we can make this world a better place than it already is!

That’s a lot of ranting to start with, now let s get down to buisness.