HEYA! Hope all of you guys are keeping well! Today I am back with another post, the food award. This was all made possible by the wonderful Vrose, from ramblings to art and even slime, this girl makes everything possible. Her blog is full of color and is a very joyful platform overall! You HAVE … Continue reading The FOOD AWARD!!

24Hrs in Brunei!!

This piece of writing is one that hits close to home, and it all began when my teacher demanded that I write an descriptive essay on the topic, "My favorite holiday location", if you guys have been following me for a while, then you know that my mind would've automatically chose Brunei, my second home!❤! … Continue reading 24Hrs in Brunei!!


I finished another Mandala, and this time it's full of color, just like how all our, Eid days would be Insha Allah (God Willing)! May Allah accept all our good deeds that we sincerely performed during the blessed month of Ramadan. Have a Happy, Joyous, Blessed Eid filled with Biriyani (that's what I am having😂)! … Continue reading EID MUBARAK!!

5 tips to BOOST your MENTAL HEALTH during the corona virus pandemic!

It's almost been a month stuck at home and some of us are already complaining of losing sanity. It's understandable, though! 😐!! But we must be grateful that we are at home and not at some hospital, that thought alone is comforting, and helps me cope up with staying indoors. During this pandemic we MUST … Continue reading 5 tips to BOOST your MENTAL HEALTH during the corona virus pandemic!