Photos I took during my study sessions in the dark. "Life changes" and at this point, it should be something I have memorized. The past few months have led to tsunami waves in a once calm ocean. Suddenly I find myself out of school, my country in turmoil, and I am moving out of Sri … Continue reading “LIFE CHANGES”


A few days back, my friend and I were having an interesting conversation. Both of us just recently completed school. She said she's moving onto the second chapter of her life and I said I am moving on to the fourth. Quite a contrast if you ask me. Her being one year older moving on … Continue reading MOVING ON TO CHAPTER FOUR.


Ayubowan everyone! Ayubowan translates to welcome and is a term that is widely used in Sri Lanka. Considering that this might be the last post for the year 2021, I decided that it’s a great term to use to end this year. If I am to be completely honest, I am not too sure on … Continue reading 2022