Acrylic pour TROUBLES?!!!

I did this canvas on behalf of my class for a teacher who was leaving. For the background I used, the acrylic pour method again. So the paint just went splat..splat on the canvas, and created this wonderful background that resembled the galaxy. The colors I used for the acrylic pour are: Prussian BlueA bit of … Continue reading Acrylic pour TROUBLES?!!!


I finished another Mandala, and this time it's full of color, just like how all our, Eid days would be Insha Allah (God Willing)! May Allah accept all our good deeds that we sincerely performed during the blessed month of Ramadan. Have a Happy, Joyous, Blessed Eid filled with Biriyani (that's what I am having😂)! … Continue reading EID MUBARAK!!