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Al Aqsa Is Bleeding…

Enough is enough. It’s high time this injustice comes to an end.

Saba Niaz siddique

Scared land of pious Mary is bleeding

Sacred land of glorious Prophets is tainted with the blood of innocents

Sacred land where Jesus was born

Is echoing with the cries of little children

Their angelic faces are covered with their blood

Sacred land where Muhammad led the prayer of great prophets

Is calling people to perform the funeral of young and old

They are empty handed,

But are brutally killed in their own land

Savage intruders are playing devil’s game

Is there anyone alive to listen to the cries of little ones?

They have lost their dolls, their toys

They are striving to breathe

Is there anyone alive to wipe their tears?

Where are the traders of humanity, have they turned blind?

When will this deaf and dumb worldawake?


Sacred land of Al Aqsa is bombarded with missiles

Are traders of humanity alive to stop this atrocity

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