Headaches, a problem plaguing and haunting humanity for thousands of years, headaches have always been a huge problem to many everyday people like you and me, they have many causes, symptoms, and treatments. As far back as ancient Greece, headaches were considered powerful afflictions. Most victims would pray for relief from Asclepius, the Greek god … Continue reading GUEST POST: WHY DO WE GET HEADACHES?


What really is a perfect day supposed to mean? Without any clutches, without any worries and without any rotten luck. At least to me. I wake up with a super-optimistic skip in my step, as I see the sun rays slowly creeping in through the curtain fabric. A few songbirds near my window, chirping melodiously, … Continue reading GUEST POST: MY PERFECT DAY!

Guest Post: Starting my OWN BUSINESS on ETSY!!

• Started an online Etsy store back in 2018• To date reached 50 sales online as a solopreneur• Serve a niche audience who love personalized Afrocentric earrings Ottawa, Canada AZEBoutique ~ Personalized earrings which tell your story I began my business online 2 years ago, I was going through a mentally and academically rigorous master’s … Continue reading Guest Post: Starting my OWN BUSINESS on ETSY!!