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What I have been UP to LATELY (ART EDITION)!!

Oooff! Its been FOREVER, hasn't it? Well you know life, things just got to happen, COVID and school mainly. Now don't y'll worry, I will not abandon BrainStorms! It's just that I have been a teeny bit busy the past few weeks, but I am BACK. Even though, life's hammering me, with all this business, …

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You know that feeling when you just joined Pinterest and you just need to know it all, pin as much as possible and get noticed in the Pinterest atmosphere. Well I am currently going through that stage! 😂! It's been almost a month, since I opened my first EVER Pinterest account and one thing I …

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BLOGGER UP SERIES with TheInkWarrior!?

Hello! HELLO! HeLLoo! Thank you for stopping by to explore a corner of the BrainStorms blog! I welcome each and everyone of you wholeheartedly! 💖! Today, is a special day, as an interview will be happening with the ONE and ONLY InkWarrior! Her blog is AMAZING!🤩! Without further ado let's dive into this interview, let's …

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Introducing the BLOGGER UP series!!

*excited* *throws confetti everywhere* *congratulates brain for thinking of this idea😂* Hello bloggers, and random beings! I am here with another HUGE announcement! BrainStorms will be hosting a new series! WOHOOO🎊! This series will focus on uplifting new bloggers and will act as a platform to draw in traffic to their blooming blogs. As a …

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