Rewind, Reflect, Reset! (Motivational Pep Talk)

Asslamualiakum Everyone✨! That is the greeting that we Muslims use, when we meet someone, in English it translates to Peace be Upon you (beautiful isn't it?😍). The past week has honestly been CRAZY HECTIC. I had soo many competitions coming my way, I honestly didn't know what hit me. The competitions are still going on, … Continue reading Rewind, Reflect, Reset! (Motivational Pep Talk)


You know that feeling when you just joined Pinterest and you just need to know it all, pin as much as possible and get noticed in the Pinterest atmosphere. Well I am currently going through that stage! 😂! It's been almost a month, since I opened my first EVER Pinterest account and one thing I … Continue reading My TOP FIVE FAVOURITE QUOTES from Pinterest!!