I don’t know about you guys, but the cravings are seriously getting to me now, with the lock down still in place I haven’t been able to eat from ANY restaurants for over a month😷!! And it’s kind of saddening, because I simply need a variety of food, my mom was telling me, last week that many eat to live but in my case, I live to eat, and I had to agree😂, cause I am such a foodie! But I am grateful for following the “Not eating from restaurants” habit, because that has probably kept me and my family safe, that is what is important! 😀! So, now away from all the ranting, let’s start naming the top five favorite desserts I can’t live without.


You read it right! Nothing can stop me from loving♥️ this French delight. When I searched for the origin of Macarons, the results were controversial🤗, we don’t exactly know if macarons were created in Italy or France. 

Macarons have always been that one sweet thing that no matter how much I eat, I will never be satisfied of, the creamy texture of the paste joining the two cookies together, still resides in my mouth😋! The best macarons I have eaten are from this place called TMM (The Macaron Magazine), in Sri Lanka, their Mango flavored macaron is a delight from heaven itself😍. Another flavor of macarons that I enjoy is the Durian flavor, now, some might crinkle their nose at this, as many don’t like Durian, but guys I think we need to give Durian a chance. Let’s not judge a fruit by its smell now! 😂

I have quite honestly never made macarons, I have always wanted to though, but the scent of failure dooms upon me😅. So last year, I think at around January, the love I had for macarons reached their maximum peak, so putting my fears aside I decided to take up the challenging task, of making MACARONS!!😀! I was being such a little self-motivated, I am finally going to bake it human, that I even visited a “Bake it yourself” shop to buy the recommend equipment, and guess what? I never made it after that cause I was afraid of failure!!😶!! Someday I know that I shall bake it, one fine day I WILL!!💪

Taste Rating- 5/5

2. Cheesecake 

Topped with strawberry syrup!

This is one of my ALL TIME, no bake favorite desserts ever! Cheesecake consists of two layers, the top payer and the bottom layer😂, no I am just kidding. So, the topmost layer consists of cheese, eggs and sugar. While the bottom layer, or in other words the crust layer, consists of a base made from biscuits or cookies, now this could range from crushed Oreos to crushed Graham crackers. I think my favorite layer would be the crust layer, I seriously don’t know why though, it’s just crunchy and packed with a biscuity taste, without it the cheesecake is NOTHING!!😄!

I have never attempted making cheesecake as of yet, but I am eager to, and have decided that I will try it out Insha Allah (God willing) after the lock down in Sri Lanka is removed. The recipe seems fairly easy, so as a beginner in the baking field, I shouldn’t go wrong. Fingers crossed🤞!

Taste Rating- 4.8/5

3. Red velvet Cupcake

So guys, this is my absolute favorite type of cupcake ever, like EVER! Red velvet is most commonly made by the combination of cocoa powder, vinegar and buttermilk. I fell in love with red velvet for the first time ever, when my neighbor in Brunei decided to give us a whole box, containing 30 cupcakes, as a present when they were leaving the country! Trust me it was love at first sight!

What really drew me in with the red velvet cupcake was the cheesy, rich icing, the cream cheese icing, that’s the real star, for me at least. I hate it when bakers use butter cream instead, red velvet cake deserves pure cream cheese icing. This is another recipe I have to try post lock down!😍

Taste rating- 4.8/5

4. Chocolate Mousse

Topped with pomegranate, another favourite!

I don’t know why specifically chocolate, but I am more of a chocolate girl than a vanilla girl. Vanilla is plain boring for me (no offence vanilla fans😁), I need more essence in my food 🍲! My grandma makes this chocolate mousse, and for the first time it came out well (it was YUM😋), but the second time the taste wasn’t that great, I don’t know if there was a error in the recipe or if there was a error in the way it was made. Nevertheless, the love I have for chocolate mousse didn’t die! Many people tend to make chocolate mousse and let me tell you not every recipe is a success. I tried eating this chocolate mousse from a bakery near my house, and didn’t like it too much!

The best chocolate mousse I have eaten was made by this South African aunt who resided in Brunei, her chocolate mousse was on spot, ON SPOT! With the whipping cream on top, the dessert was truly tied together!

Taste rating- 4/5

5. Brownies topped with ice cream

Brownies from Manhattan Fish Market!

Ahh a classic! I can never grow out of brownies; it will always be there at the top 5 somehow. The moist, gooey ones are the best. And the recipe I use depicts just that! Maybe I should share that with you guys or maybe it should be a family secret? Brownies originate, from the United States of America, and the name was derived from the brown color of the cookie! 🤗! Now for me with brownies I needed them to be topped with ice cream. The best brownies I have eaten are from this restaurant called, “Manhattan Fish Market”, their brownies are simply breath-taking (I don’t breathe while eating them)! They soak their brownies in sizzling caramel and that adds a whole AHHH to it! It’s a MUST TRY! Brownies are simple to make, and I’ve made them a DOZEN times or MORE! 😁! You guys should attempt it too!

Taste Rating- 4/5

Now whose mouth is salivating? 😂! Bear the hunger! That’s it for today, hope everyone is in good health! Thank you for stopping by 🤩! Goodbye Stormies!


40 thoughts on “My TOP FIVE FAVOURITE desserts!

  1. Just a stranger passing by but you should definitely try baking macarons at home. I braved my fears and tried for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t so bad! I have yet to perfect them but I find the whole process to not be so bad. I’ve learned so much after a number of failures.

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    This was so cruel of you to name all my favourite dessert what😂😂🥳🥰 (Just kidding. Lol) Honestly though, I livee for cheesecake😍

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