Rewind, Reflect, Reset! (Motivational Pep Talk)

Asslamualiakum Everyone✨! That is the greeting that we Muslims use, when we meet someone, in English it translates to Peace be Upon you (beautiful isn't it?😍). The past week has honestly been CRAZY HECTIC. I had soo many competitions coming my way, I honestly didn't know what hit me. The competitions are still going on, …

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Guest Post: Starting my OWN BUSINESS on ETSY!!

• Started an online Etsy store back in 2018• To date reached 50 sales online as a solopreneur• Serve a niche audience who love personalized Afrocentric earrings Ottawa, Canada AZEBoutique ~ Personalized earrings which tell your story I began my business online 2 years ago, I was going through a mentally and academically rigorous master’s …

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Hello there everyone! Nabeeha Jameel is back!! Expect posts this December, because your girl is on holiday, and life's slowed down a bit, thankfully! 🤩! Today, I have a interview with the blogger from Azilde Elizabeth. Azilde's blog is simply in one word, WONDERFUL, her recipes and crafting posts, personally I thoroughly enjoy. 💖! Let's …

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BLOGGER UP SERIES with Anne The Vegan?!!

Halloo everybody! Today is one exciting post, that was delayed, I am soo sorry about that. But on the positive note, this post is now HAPPENING💟! Today I will the interviewing the EXTRAORDINARY Anne The Vegan. Her blog motivates me soo much to strive towards wellness! And some of those breakfast dishes she spoke of …

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